Saša Spačal is a media artist with background in humanities, who has expanded her knowledge of computer graphics, web and video production at various workshops. She is currently working in the fields of graphic design, real-time interactive visualization and media art, trying to connect various technological and biological organisms.
She has taken part in exhibitions and projects in Moderna galerija, Galerija Škuc and Galerija Alkatraz. As a member of Temp group she had participated in public interventions and installations, in the development of strategies for alternative use of abandoned spaces, and in exhibitions Odprti Rog, Pogovarjanja/Conversations/Conversas, Mapiranje/arhiviranje/analiziranje izginulih prostorov umetnosti. As a researcher, she had taken part in the international research project Performing the City. Art Actionism in Public Space in 1960s/1970s that had made its rounds in Munich, Naples, São Paulo, and Paris.
Her responsive and interactive installations were presented at various international exhibitions and festivals such as International Triennial of New Media Art 2014 – Beijing, Haip festival – Ljubljana, Enter 5: Datapolis – Prague, AmberFest’11: Next Ecology – Istanbul, De:sonanz 2012 – Skopje, Device_art 4.012. – Zagreb, Device_art 4.013 – Prague and Enter 6: Biopolis – Prague. Currently she is developing several new projects that focus on interfaces between living and technological organisms in collaboration with Kapelica Gallery, Multimedia Center Kibla and Ljudmila – Art and Science Laboratory. In the field of interactive visualization and sound design she is developing strategies for usage of physical interfaces for generating sound and visuals as a member of Theremidi Orchestra.
Together with Ida Hiršenfelder she is developing ČIPke platform, an initiative for researching the conditions of women who are active in the context of science, technology and media art. ČIPKe platform is a space for conversation about women working in these fields where we run a women friendly hackerspace with practical educational workshops.

Media art critic, curator for media art, and theorist who studied Sinology, and for a time, lived and studied in Beijing. From 2007 till 2013 she was an archivist at SCCA, Centre for Contemporary Arts-Ljubljana constructing DIVA Station a material and on-line digital archive of video art. Archives and their disappearance became one of her interests which resulted in a number of lectures dealing with media archeology, digital life/death and the history of Internet. She loves to work with free and open source softwares. Regularly collaborates with ljudmila – ljubljana digital media lab as an artistic advisor and curator for media art production. Lately, she solders small electronic noise gadgets, driven by the love for machines, electronics, devices and noise/drones as a member of Theremidi Orchestra. She mostly writes texts on media art, contemporary art and feminism at various medias and often conduct round-tables and public discussions; but essentially she remains a radio person – recording sounds and strange conversations at any given chance. She finds it a great privilege to write texts for exhibition catalogues by Aksioma – Institute for Contemporary Arts. She was a co-writer of Art-area bi-weekly edition on contemporary art in collaboration with critic and curator Miha Colner at alternative radio station Radio Student, and worked as a critic at Dnevnik Daily. For five seasons she was an editor of monthly feminist show Sektor Ž. It is of extreme importance for her to consider feminist position in all aspects of her work. Her fem alter ego Frau Strapatz performs also in Image Snatchers techno burlesque. The feminist position has also resulted in co-creating ČIPke initiative for women working in the field of technology, science and art, together with media artist Saša Spačal, that is predominantly focused in organising women-only workshops at Rampa Lab (Kersnikova 4). Recently (2014), she became a collaborator of MG+MSUM Museum of Contemporary Art Metelkova for Network Museum online aggregator of contemporary art archives.